A Life-Changing Journey: How I Maintained My Healthy Lifestyle After Weight Loss

Many embark on a weight loss journey to improve their health, and some successfully reach their goals. But what happens after you achieve your desired weight?  Ansie Kotze shares her inspiring story of how she maintained her healthier lifestyle and overcame significant setbacks after losing weight through the Slender Wonder program.

Based in Alberton, Ansie’s journey with Slender Wonder began in April 2022.  She was determined to regain control of her health, which had been compromised by excess weight.

She diligently followed the Slender Wonder program for three months under the guidance of Finesse Nuwe Jy and Supreme Aesthetics Brooklyn with Dr. Anmarie Kok. After this structured phase, she continued the journey for another three months independently, making use of the lessons she learned and managed to lose a total of 33kg.

As of today, she has successfully maintained her goal weight for a year, an accomplishment that continues to bring her joy.

Her health was the primary motivator for her weight loss journey. She was tired of being overweight, unable to move around easily, and plagued by back pain. It was time for a change.

Losing weight significantly improved her physical health. She could move around with ease, and her back pain is almost entirely gone. Ansie became a happier and more active person. The psychological changes were equally remarkable and now she exudes confidence, eagerly poses for photos, and smiles more than ever.

While she has enjoyed great success, she did encounter significant setbacks during her journey. In March 2023, she faced a health crisis, including the removal of both ovaries. This was followed by an unexpected thyroid operation due to a tumor. Hospitalization and medication led to some weight gain, but she persevered and regained her health.

She implemented various strategies to stay on track, even during challenging times. She opted for healthier options when dining out, maintained portion control, and incorporated hiking as her preferred form of exercise.

The healthy habits she developed during the Slender Wonder program became an integral part of her lifestyle. It wasn’t merely a diet; it was a transformation.

Her family and friends view her as an inspiration. They’ve adapted to her healthier lifestyle, often choosing nutritious options and engaging in physical activities with her. Her happiness has had a positive ripple effect.

“They see me as an inspiration, seeing how I look and no longer in my shell. They join me most of the times eating healthier and even go walking with me. They see me happy and that makes them happy. And when getting together my friends, there will always be healthy snacks as they now know my lifestyle.”

The most important lessons learnt during her journey is to stay focused, address any weight gain immediately, and prioritize your health. She now believes that mental strength and motivation are crucial to success, especially when faced with unforeseen challenges.

When asked if she thought she would still be where she is today she shared, “I did not but looking at my “fat” photos and clothing motivated me to keep on track and I strongly believe if I was not mentally strong and motivated from last year’s journey, I would have cracked this year. But I’m still going and need to stay as healthy as I can and keep this lifestyle. You are as strong as your mind tells you to be, so I totally believe mental health is also very important.”

For those looking to embark on a weight loss program, her advice is to stay focused on your health. Life can change in an instant, and being as healthy as possible is essential for overcoming future health issues.

Her journey transformed her from someone on the brink of another back operation to a healthier, happier individual. Her top priority is her health, and she is determined to maintain this lifestyle.

Her weight loss journey has been life-changing, providing jer with the physical and emotional strength to overcome setbacks. It’s a testament to the power of perseverance, a commitment to health, and the unwavering belief that you can achieve your goals.

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