Amazing Amanda shows her extraordinary determination

Living her best lean life

When Amanda Currie’s size 40 jeans became too tight, she realized that she needed to do something about her weight. Years of thought-less eating, mostly meat, bread and potatoes had caused the 46-year old Edenvale resident to reach 85,2 kg.

Her gynaecologist had told her about Slender Wonder, but it was only when people she met at a game lodge personally recommended the programme to her, and shared their before & after photos that she realized that the solution she needed was ready and waiting for her.

Upon returning from her weekend in the bush, Amanda started the programme with Dr Bianca Cowen. “The first month was very hard. I even cried at one point, telling myself I needed my favourite foods” Amanda admits. “I made sure to prepare my meals from the Slender Wonder recipe books. This opened a world of flavour to me and now the foods I previously ate no longer seem appealing”.

Amanda lost 17,5 kg in weight and 16,1 kg of fat in six months. When asked what the difference was between Slender Wonder and previous programmes she had tried, she cited the support system. “Slender Wonder holds your hand from the beginning to the end. They stay with you, making sure you don’t fall off the wagon, and if you do, they help you get back again. They support you all the way until you are settled in your new body and new lifestyle. That is the ultimate support from anybody. Slender Wonder is like my family”.

While previously she slept in, Amanda now walks 3km with her dogs every morning. She has maintained her weight position of 67.7 kg for two years and ten months and prides herself in her healthier, leaner  lifestyle.

When asked if she would recommend Slender Wonder to anyone, she says ”Definitely! Slender Wonder will change your life. If you really want to be slim and healthy, you have to work hard, and you will succeed. Anybody that puts their mind to it can do it” concluded Currie.  

For further information and to view other success stories visit www.slenderwonder.co.za

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