The Supreme Aesthetics Practices retail the full range of Slender Wonder calorie controlled meals. These meals are locally prepared using the freshest ingredients, and frozen for your convenience. This range is particularly helpful when one is on the Slender Wonder programme but others in the household are not, or simply a great way to save time in the kitchen. The meals may be warmed in the microwave or oven.

The selection includes red meat, white meat and snack options. There is no added fat or added sugar in any of the meals which have been prepared using premium ingredients.

There is also a range of fresh meals, which are delicious alternatives to home-made meals, and convenient for busy lifestyles.

Where indicated, the Simeon B range is suitable for people on the Simeon B stage of the Slender Wonder programme, and the Go Moderate range is suitable for people on the Go Moderate stage. If you are not on the Slender Wonder programme and simply wish to eat calorie controlled meals, we recommend the Go Moderate portions.

Should you wish to purchase a large amount, we recommend that you notify the practice in advance to ensure that the stock is available when you plan to collect it.

Delivery options are available. Kindly enquire at the practice.

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