C’mone is a Testament to the Power of the Human Spirit

At the age of 27, C’mone is a testament to the power of the human spirit. Her journey towards reclaiming her health began in earnest after she reached her turning point in late December 2022.

Grief and loss have the profound ability to leave a lasting impact on our lives. C’mone experienced this firsthand when she tragically lost her fiancé during the COVID-19 pandemic, just a month before their planned wedding. In the aftermath of his passing, she found solace in emotional eating, believing it would numb her pain. Unfortunately, this coping mechanism leads to further emotional and physical challenges.

A significant turning point came on New Year’s Day when she took a long, hard look at a photo of herself. At that moment, she realized that she couldn’t continue down the same path. Determined to change her life for the better, she embarked on a journey to shed excess weight and regain control of her well-being.

“On New Year’s I looked at a photo of myself and decided I couldn’t carry on this way. So, I searched for a way to lose weight and to keep it off.”

C’mone entered the Nuwe Jy “60 Day Challenge” which officially began in March 2023. This challenge served as a stepping stone where she was able to do the Slender Wonder program, offering her a structured approach to weight loss. One of the program’s highlights for her was the ability to select her own foods within the program’s guidelines, which provided her with both autonomy and discipline.

“When I set my mind to something, it is easy for me to keep up with it. It was great for me that I could decide my own food, and just keep in the eating restrictions.”

Throughout her journey, she celebrated numerous milestones that filled her with pride and motivation. The ability to complete a 5-kilometer run was a significant achievement, as it symbolized her newfound physical fitness. Another momentous milestone was when she crossed the threshold of weighing less than 70 kilograms.

“The first time that I could run a 5km was a big milestone for me, because last year I was too heavy to do it, and then the next big milestone for me was when I weighed less than 70kg”.

The journey is rarely without obstacles, and for her, it was the social aspect of eating that presented a challenge. When friends indulged in foods that were not part of her program, but, she maintained her resolve by preparing her own meals in advance and taking them with her.

As of now, she remains committed to the Slender Wonder program and hopes to lose an additional 5 kilograms before transitioning to the maintenance phase.

Her weight loss journey has been remarkable a she began at 87.9 kilograms and, over the course of around five months, shed an impressive 16.2 kilograms, reaching a current weight of 68.6 kilograms.

When asked what sets the Slender Wonder program apart she said she enjoyed the freedom it offers in choosing foods from an approved list. Moreover, the tangible results she has achieved have left her not only seeing but feeling the transformation in her entire being, from her body to her mindset and lifestyle.

She credits the constant motivation from the program, Dr Anmarie, and fellow participants for keeping her on track. Their unwavering support became the engine that powered her transformation.

“The role of the support system played a huge role for me, if it wasn’t for their constant motivation, I would have surely given up. I also didn’t want to disappoint them, so they were the engine behind my whole transformation”.

For her, the Slender Wonder program wasn’t just about shedding pounds. It was an opportunity to shed emotional baggage that had burdened her for far too long. Her journey was one of healing, growth, and self-discovery.

Losing weight has not only improved her physical health but also rejuvenated her spirit. She has rediscovered the joy of jogging, a passion she had set aside due to her weight. Psychologically, she has grown and learned to view her story from a different perspective, one that empowers her to help others facing similar challenges.

“I can jog again. It was part of my lifestyle when I was a bit younger but I got too heavy for it. And now, I can do it again, and can just feel the freedom in doing it. I have also grown a lot. Yes, I wouldn’t have chosen my story for myself to lose my fiancé at 24, but now I can look at it from a different perspective, and now I want to help another woman who is going through a similar situation”.

To those struggling with their weight, she offers practical advice, “Plan your meals for the week, document everything you eat, and stay hydrated with plenty of water’.

Her journey doesn’t end with the completion of this phase. She plans to maintain her progress by finding an accountability partner for her food choices and joining a fitness club to stay active.

“I could not have done this on my own, and I would motivate anyone who wants to improve their lifestyle to do this program and If you think you can, you are already halfway there”.

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