Liza Dilley’s Inspiring Transformation Journey

Liza Dilley, a resident of Pierre van Ryneveld, at the age of 53, embarked on a life-changing journey through the Nuwe Jy challenge that not only transformed her physically but also had a profound impact on her emotional well-being. In this candid interview, she shares her experiences and insights gained during her time in the Nuwe Jy challenge while following the Slender Wonder Program.

Liza’s turning point arrived at the age of 49 when she found herself struggling with emotional eating as a means to cope with the devastating loss of her eldest daughter, Claudia, due to Bulimia in 2019. Heartbroken and in pain, she turned to food for comfort and solace. However, in January 2023, a moment of reflection in front of the mirror ignited her determination to take control of her life. She realized it was time to make a change, not later, but now.

In January when my husband was away I looked at myself and just cried seeing the person in the mirror, I hated myself for letting myself go and decided there I needed to do something now and not later, I first started with the 60 day’s challenge that Finesse had in February and then I decided to enter the Nuwe Jy because I wanted to go further and still had a lot to lose”

Liza began her journey with Slender Wonder on April 26th, and from that day onwards, she was welcomed into the supportive and caring team led by Dr. Anmarie at Supreme Aesthetics Brooklyn. During her first meeting with Dr. Anmarie, Liza tearfully expressed her desire to feel beautiful and embark on this journey in memory of her late daughter.

Liza describes her experience with the Slender Wonder program as nothing short of incredible. The program, she notes, equips participants with the knowledge needed to make healthy choices regarding meal planning and portion sizes. It provided her with newfound energy and a heightened sense of well-being.

This is the best program that anyone can follow, the team is all the way behind you, you learn how to plan and what is the right and wrong food.”

Throughout her journey, Liza celebrated significant milestones. The memory of her first and last weigh-ins remains etched in her mind. The initial shock of seeing her starting weight was eclipsed by the joy and gratitude she felt when she shed 14.4 kilograms during the challenge. She couldn’t help but thank the heavens for guiding her every step of the way. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she marvelled at the newfound sense of pride and confidence that radiated from within.

Getting on the scale the first time I wanted to die inside seeing my weight and then the tears on my last weigh-in losing 14.4kg I just burst into tears and said thank you God for walking this road with me. I look at myself in the mirror and can’t believe the new person I see in the mirror, now I can’t walk past a mirror looking at myself and feeling proud of myself.”

The support system played a pivotal role in her success. Dr. Anmarie and her team at Supreme Aesthetics Brooklyn were with her every step of the way, offering encouragement and excitement as Liza achieved her goals. Liza also found solidarity and camaraderie among her fellow participants in the Nuwe Jy challenge.

Liza learned that healthy eating is a lifestyle choice, one that allows for occasional indulgences but not as an everyday habit. She realized that a positive mindset is essential to overcoming obstacles and achieving success in the Slender Wonder program.

Physically, Liza’s transformation has been remarkable. Her lower back problems improved, allowing her to enjoy the long walks she once dreaded. Her kidney function also normalized, highlighting the positive impact of her weight loss on her overall health.

Psychologically, Liza underwent a profound shift in her mindset. She no longer turns to food as a crutch for emotional pain or as a means to cope with loss. Her newfound confidence has allowed her to look at herself in the mirror with pride and self-acceptance.

Liza encourages those who feel they cannot lose weight on their own and are grappling with health issues to consider the Slender Wonder program. The support provided ensures that individuals can embark on their weight loss journey with confidence and without regrets.

Liza’s motto is a reminder to prioritize self-care and kindness toward oneself above all else. She advises those struggling with their weight not to wait but to start today. The journey to a healthier you begins with the first step, and Slender Wonder can be the guiding light towards that transformation.

What you do in life you only do it for yourself and for no one else – be kind to yourself first!”

Now that Liza has completed the challenge, her future health and wellness goals are cantered on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She plans to continue with her healthy eating habits and staying active, ensuring she remains positive and focused on her well-being.


Liza Dilley’s Slender Wonder journey is a testament to the transformative power of dedication, support, and self-belief. Her story serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to embark on a path to a healthier and happier life.

The Nuwe Jy Challenge has not only inspired many individuals but helped ladies like Liza move forward and find themselves again. We look forward to walking along many more future journeys of hope and inspiration.

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