Weight 150 g
Dimensions 2 × 5 × 12 cm

Carb Support

Impaired blood sugar and insulin regulation, from either an unhealthy lifestyle or genetic mutations are directly linked to the progressive accumulation of excess body fat. If allowed to progress to a more advanced state, impaired blood sugar and insulin regulation may lead to the development of type 2 diabetes, obesity and other chronic diseases.
A healthy carbohydrate metabolism requires the correct nutritional support.

GENEWAY™ Carb Support comprises a formulation of compounds that support blood glucose levels and insulin sensitivity. It furthermore assists in the effective utilization of fats and carbohydrates thereby supporting healthy metabolism, energy levels, and weight management.

Ingredients: Alpa Lipoic Acid, Banaba Extract, Barberry Bark Extract, Bioperine, Chromium Picolinate, Cinnamon Extract, Co-Enzyme Q10, Ginger Root, Grape Seed, Inositol, Olive Leaf Extract, and Turmeric.