Pump 3 squirts directly onto clean hands and gently rub into the skin, making sure to cover all areas of the face (3 squirts should be enough).
Best applied every morning after your morning cleansing routine.

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 12.5 × 3.5 cm

SPF Moisturiser


? An excellent make-up primer.
? Anti-shine effect.
? Reduces skin impurities and refines skin.
? Prevents excess oil production.
? Light, fast absorbing texture.
? For clear, matte complexion.
? Dermatologically Tested.
? Cruelty Free & Animal Friendly.
? Unclogs pores, reduces blemishes and prevents their re-appearance.
? For clearer, more even skin.
? Eliminates the need to squeeze.
? Purifying.
? Calming and anti-inflammatory.
? Dermatologically Tested.
? Cruelty Free & Animal Friendly
Protect and moisturise your skin with our mattifying skin solution. RITES spf30 moisturiser provides weightless protection that helps keep your skin blemish free, soothed, and safe from harmful UV rays from the sun.
Our light and fast absorbing formula reduces oil production without clogging your pores. Whether you have a day of sport ahead of you or just spending some time in the sun, it is essential that you do not skip the crucial step of moisturizing. Hydration is a key factor in normalizing the skin and balancing oil production.
Sometimes we feel we have lost control of our skin, but our RITES spf30 moisturiser will leave your skin noticeably smoother and clearer, giving you that little boost of confidence every time you use it!