Senior citizen shows it’s never too late to test your DNA

Remarkable results for Bets Zietsman

Johannesburg resident Bets Zietsman (69) has struggled with her weight all her life. Having tried various diets and eating plans, she started feeling despondent after she wasn’t able to retain her weight position on any of them. Suffering from high cholesterol, for which she is on medication, she was desperate to find a way to live a healthier life.

A few months ago, she came across the concept of nutrigenomics, eating according to your DNA, which is simple to achieve by doing the Geneway Genediet test. After consulting dietician Bernice Venter, Bets decided she had nothing to lose by doing this test, and the results have been astounding.

Bets now eats according to her genetic profile, which is made easy by the Genediet report that gives a person a guideline on what type of diet will work for her, how to incorporate exercise into her routine and what extra nutrients her body needs for optimal function and health. By following these simple guidelines, she has lost body fat mass, increased her muscle mass and lost weight in just one month. 

Her cholesterol levels have also improved significantly, and she has less cravings for sweet things like she did in the past.  Bets explains that she feels more healthy, has more energy overall, and no longer needs to sleep every afternoon. 

“The truth is that a person’s DNA never changes, so whether you test your genes at age 7 or 70, the results will be the same, proving that it is never too late to test your DNA in order to live a healthier life” explains Bernice Venter. “It is such a simple way to achieve a better state of health” Venter concluded.

Visit https://www.geneway.co.za/  to find out about how DNA testing can help you improve your health and wellness, or contact your Supreme Aesthetics practice to book your DNA test today.

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