Your ultimate checklist when choosing a weight loss programme

10 things every weight loss programme should have

  1. Is the programme recommended by medical doctors?

This is the probably the most important aspect of all. If a programme is not supported by doctors or dieticians, there is a probably a reason why. Weight loss may be important to you, but so is your health. Don’t choose one over the other.

  1. Does the programme provide you with an eating plan that enables you to enjoy variety and taste in your food?

If not, you probably won’t last long on it. Nobody can eat boiled cabbage forever.  Changing your eating habits is ultimately a long-term commitment if you want the weight to stay off. Your weight loss plan should enable you to adapt to healthier eating habits that will help you retain your goal weight.

  1. Does the programme give you options for eating in and eating out?

It’s almost impossible to be the only one in the home that is on a diet while the rest of the family continues with their usual eating. A weight loss plan should assist you to cook healthy food that the whole family can enjoy through providing a recipe book full of healthy and delicious meals.

  1. Does the weight loss programme take your medical history in account?

Your weight loss programme should lead you to a healthier, more fulfilled life. Choose a programme that takes your medical history & medication in to account. For example; when you are a diabetic or you have high blood pressure your condition needs to be monitored, your medication might need to be adjusted as you lose weight too.

  1. Does the programme enable your body to break down its own fat?

Crash course diets that puts your body into starvation mode yield short-term results, but in the long run, your whole body needs to be part of the process. Choose a weight loss programme that enables your body to break down your body’s excess fat and teaches you how to keep the weight off.

  1. Does the programme offer a holistic approach?

Choose a programme that is carefully planned to give your body the right support at each phase, which includes stimulation, detoxification, weight loss, stabilization and maintenance.

Exercise is almost always a positive enabler of weight loss; however, modern day life often poses time constraints on this. Choose a weight loss programme that has a sensible approach to exercise, and that helps you with suggested exercises that you can adapt to fit your lifestyle.

  1. Has the programme been tried and trusted for many years?

There is a reason why certain weight loss programmes have stood the test of time, and been refined many times to keep improving. Look for a programme that has been tried and trusted, so that you know your investment will be worthwhile.

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  1. Does the programme offer additional support to help you along your weight loss journey? 

It’s hard to walk the road alone, and there is no reason why you should. Every day, thousands of people are dealing with the same challenge as you are. Choose a weight loss programme that enables you to connect with people who are on the same path as you are, share tips, support each other, and perhaps even make lasting connections in the process via channels like a social media support group.

  1. Does the programme manufacture its products locally?

There is a reason why local is lekker… local diets are also tailored to suit the climate and conditions of a country and so are their products. Having products of high standard made locally under legislation in an accredited laboratory will also give you ease of mind before just putting anything in your body.

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  1. Are there benefits, reported by others, who have been on the programme?

Whilst weight loss is a great benefit, there should be health benefits of losing weight too and the best recommendation is from what others experience like, increased energy levels, reduced headaches and migraines, reduced irritable bowel symptoms, less joint paint, improved sinuses, reduced asthma symptoms, less heartburn and reflux and more.

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