It’s THIS easy to work out which foods your body actually wants.

No two people are the same, and while we’re all on the quest to eat in a healthy way, it is important to understand exactly which foods are and are not good for you.

If you have struggled with migraines, eczema, skin rashes, fatigue, joint pain, bloating, IBS, diarrhea, nausea, sinusitis, anxiety, constipation, acne, or depression, to name just a few, you might have an intolerance towards a specific food or drink. While only 2% of the population has food allergies, it is estimated that 45% have intolerances to certain foods. While allergy symptoms display almost immediately, the body’s reaction to food intolerances take much longer to present, sometimes up to 72 hours and are a lot more cryptic including bloating, cramping, headaches, acne, and more.

Food intolerances occur when a person experiences an adverse physiological response to a particular food. The symptoms are very specific to the individual and the type of food in question. 

Supreme Aesthetics offers the top-of-the-range food intolerance test: Optiway. Being tested for food intolerances with the OptiWay test is easy. The test is in the practice, or by you at home, by administering a quick finger prick that will provide a blood sample. The sample is then analysed by a laboratory, which generates a colour coded tailor-made report, which shows exactly which foods you can comfortably eat, which you should eat in moderation and which you should avoid.

Ketogenic low carbs diet - food selection on white wooden background. Balanced healthy organic ingredients of high content of fats. Nutrition for the heart and blood vessels. Meat, fish and vegetables.

The OptiWay Food Intolerance Support Guide will assist you to remove or reduce reactive foods from your diet, avoid nutrient deficiencies when eliminating reactive food, substitute with similar alternatives, strengthen your immune system and reintroduce foods responsibly. You will finally have the answer as to whether it’s the aubergine you had yesterday or the tuna from earlier this week that’s lead to your uncomfortable cramping, or whether you really should have that slice of toast with your eggs. And just imagine the immense benefits involved for moms when it comes to children’s lunchtime and possible reactions to a recipe that’s been handed down through generations!

If certain symptoms or general reactions to food have you baffled, then OptiWay is really the only way. There will finally be no more guesswork at mealtime.

To order your Optiway test, please contact your Supreme Aesthetics practice. Family specials apply.

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