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Medical Weightloss

Supreme Aesthetics is a leading outlet for Slender Wonder, the medical weight loss programme that has been helping South African men and women reach their goal weights and live healthier lives for over twenty years. This approach is proven to ensure the loss of non-structural “bad” fat and not a reduction in kilograms due to the loss of muscle or water. Whether you have 5 kg or 50 kg to lose, Slender Wonder is the weight loss programme to help you achieve your goal.

A healthy body mass index is an essential part of living a healthy life. We aim to support you by achieving a level of balance that leads you to become a holistically healthy individual. Instead of simply focusing on the symptoms of obesity, we focus on the causes.

Overweight and obesity are medical conditions and should be treated accordingly. The goals of Slender Wonder are the loss of unhealthy abdominal fat and general weight loss. We also encourage patients to address both the physical and emotional challenges associated with being overweight. Holistic in its approach, with Slender Wonder you will be supported and monitored on your journey to achieving both a healthy body and healthy mind.   

Slender Wonder’s formula, which is suitable for men and women, is based on a low GI eating plan, together with the Slender Wonder products as well as a series of injections. Depending on the patient’s starting weight, results have shown that most women lose up to 4 – 7 kg while most men lose on average 7 – 10 kg in their first month. (These results may vary and are patient-specific.)  Once you reach the maintenance phase, your Leptin sensitivity will have been restored and this will help you to maintain your new weight. You then get to continue with your new healthy lifestyle and health choices to maintain the new you.

With Slender Wonder you will have access to:  

  • A medical doctor that will guide you on your journey, with regular appointments
  • A take-home booklet with plenty of information, guidance and inspiration
  • A range of nutritional supplements and meal replacements
  • Two specialized cookbooks with loads of delicious meals that fit into your programme
  • The Slender Warriors social media support group
  • A range of calorie controlled fresh and frozen meals, if cooking is not your thing
  • A maintenance programme to stay in shape when you reach your goal weight
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How to start with the Slender Wonder Weight Loss Programme

The Slender Wonder programme has 5 phases

Phase 1

Stimulation Phase

Phase 2

Detox Phase

Phase 3

Weight Loss Phase: Follow the Simeon B meal plan for 4 or 6 weeks. The Simeon B meal plan is in the Slender Wonder Book given to patients on commencement of the Slender Wonder Weight Loss Programme. On completion of the 4 – 6 weeks of following the Simeon B meal plan, you will then follow the Go Moderate meal plan for 2 weeks. The Go Moderate meal plan is also in the Slender Wonder Book patients receive.

Phase 4

Stabilisation Phase: After you have reached your goal weight, you have to follow the stabilisation-eating plan.

Phase 5

Maintenance Phase: This phase ensures that you maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward. At this stage, there is also the option do our DNA test to determine the eating programme that you should follow to maintain your goal weight based on your genetic requirements.

It is essential that you see your Slender Wonder doctor fortnightly or at least monthly during phases 1 to 4 to be weighed and measured.

Please ensure you brief your doctor your full medical history at your first consultation so that your doctor can treat you in the most effective way and from a position of information. If you have any queries at any stage, you are welcome to contact the practice.

The Monthly Elite Pack includes:


Slender Wonder nutritional pack consisting of the Slender Wonder Protein Shake, Slender Wonder Omega 3 capsules, Slender Wonder Pyruvite tablets, Slender Wonder Herba Boost tablets and Slender Wonder Magnetine tablets.

Slender Wonder Fat Block (CLA) tablets

Slender Wonder Wonder Cleanze tablets (only given during phase2)

Slender Wonder K-L Cleanze (only given during phase2)

Injections & injection fluid

Slender Wonder Booklet supplied at commencement of programme (consisting of the Simeon B eating plan, Go Moderate eating plan, the programme details and all the information regarding the supplied supplement tablets)