Dermexcel Enriched Moisturizer 20ml




A cutting-edge product designed to address the needs of dry skin and restore its barrier function on a physiological level. With its Triple Physiological Lipid-based Technology, this ultra-advanced formula combines various moisturizing agents to create an intelligent moisturizing complex.

It contains patented intelligent hydration technology that operates through a dual mechanism to optimize skin moisturization. Firstly, it forms an intelligent structural layer on the skin’s surface, providing immediate hydration and sealing in moisture. Secondly, it regulates water loss from within by reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier, preventing excessive moisture evaporation.

Enriched™ is particularly effective for individuals with very dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and ichthyosis. By replenishing the skin’s essential lipids and lamellar bilayers, this intensely moisturizing complex promotes optimal recovery for dry skin and aids in repairing impaired barrier function.

The results of using Enriched™ are remarkable. Your skin will experience a newfound smoothness with deep hydration that lasts. Moreover, your skin’s resilience will improve, allowing it to withstand external aggressors better and maintain optimal health.

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